Hertford Is My Home!

  • The Cooper Family receive the keys to their new home in Manor Close from the Mayor of Hertford, 1953.

    People have been settling in Hertford for over a thousand years, and whilst the importance of the town has fluctuated throughout history, people continue to arrive and make a life here.

    In the last 200 years, Hertford’s population has grown from around 6000 to 30,000 people and individuals and families continue to be attracted to our town for a variety of reasons.

    Thanks to funding from National Lottery Heritage Fund, Hertford Museum has recorded the stories of people who have made a home here. You can discover what drew people to Hertford and how they have settled into and contributed to our communities.

    We will continue to add more stories to this online exhibition so please contact the museum if you have a story to share.


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Hertford is our home

Hilda Chieza

A holiday to Britain to visit family turned into a permanent political exile for Zimbabwean Hilda Chieza, who eventually found a permanent home for herself and her son in Hertford.

Alice & Sean O’Reilly

Alice and Sean O’ Reilly, from Norway and Ireland made their home in Hertford in 1980 when teaching jobs brought them to the area.

Youssouf Seedat

Youssouf Seedat moved to Hertford in 1988 from Walthamstow, swapping public transport for a new found lifelong love of walks.

Vera Tytova

Vera Tytova and her son Denis have found a temporary home here, having escaped the war in Ukraine.

Suzi Lane and Jo Morizzo

Jo and Suzi arrived in Hertford on their narrowboat in 2020, with the aim of spending a potential Covid 19 lockdown here. They fell in love with the town and surrounding countryside, and when the arrival of baby Raff necessitated a move to land, the couple made a permanent home here.

Gareth Rowbotham

Gareth Rowbotham moved to Hertford from South Wales, aged 14, in 1959 when his father’s printing job brought the family here. They soon found a community of printing families and Gareth got involved in many of the town’s sporting opportunities.

The Houghton Family

Brigitte, David and Danielle Houghton moved to Hertford in 2008, when Danielle was 12. They left their home in South Africa due to security concerns, and despite some initial cultural differences, soon Hertford felt like home.

Margaret Colville

Margaret Colville and her husband moved to Hertford in 1967. Margaret, the daughter of Baptist missionaries, had spent much of her childhood in India. Her life in Hertford has very much centred around the church, helping others via her role as a lay pastor and amongst Hertford’s nightlife as a street pastor.

Hazel Cadmore

Hazel Cadmore built her new house in Hertford with her husband in 1959, moving here from East Ham in London. Hazel formed friendships at work and through her love of golf and tennis and has been a long term member of Hertford Art Society.

Brian Shillum

Brian and his wife Ann grew up in Enfield and began married life in Hertford in 1963, where they have lived ever since. Brian’s interest in history led to roles in the U3A and East Herts Archaeological Societies, where he made many friends.

Kate Lopez

Kate and her family moved to Hertford from Barcelona in 2016. Hertford’s many family activities provided opportunities to build new friendships and even meet people with whom they could speak Catalan.

Hertford Is My Home Day

Hertford Is My Home Day took place on Saturday 11th February 2023. Six hundred visitors joined us in celebrating the stories and contribution of people who have made their home in Hertford, through live music, food, drink, crafts, trails and storytelling.

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