Natural History

Hertford Museum’s natural history collections encompasses a wide range of plant and animal specimens from around the world, and played an important part in the museum’s early history of sharing the wonders of the natural world with local people.


The museum holds a diverse range of ornithological specimens. Alongside a range of local indigenous species, such as owls, herons, swans and small birds, we also care for more exotic specimens such as the Great Hornbill, Magnificent Birds of Paradise, Tragopan and Kakopo, a flightless parrot from New Zealand.


Our mammal collection includes local species such as otters, badgers, foxes and weasels. In addition we also care for several monkeys, armadillos and even pangolin armour, as well as skeletal specimens of big cats including lions and tigers.

Amphibians & Reptiles

The collection includes snake skins, toads, crocodiles, alligators, frogs, tortoises and lizards.

Freshwater Life

Four rivers run through Hertford and freshwater fish are well represented in our collections, which include pike, dace, carp trout and bream.

Marine Life

The museum holds an extensive collection of seashells, sponges, seaweeds and corals, as well as specimens of marine animals such as sea horses, turtles, crabs, star fish, saw fish and even whale bones.

Botanical Specimens

Our collections cover a wide range of plant life from around the world, from pressed flowers, mosses and ferns to seed samples.

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