Permanent Displays


    The Early Days

    A display of how they used to collect in the 19th Century, including Natural History and Ethnography which are no longer actively collected by Hertford Museum. However, an important part in the museum’s early history was sharing the wonders of the natural world with local people and this section showcases some of these specimens from around the world. Equally, the museum’s first collectors brought items to illustrate the culture of other societies for the people of Hertford (ethnographic collection). Some of these items include Samurai Armour, a scrimshaw, Egyptian sculpture and a Greek lekythos.


      The History of Hertford

      From prehistoric times to today, the first-floor gallery includes a number of displays to tell the story of Hertford and its surrounding villages. Childhood, health and well-being, sports, shopping and much more. There is a section dedicated to famous Hertfordians and another to Hertford at War, including Hertfordshire Regiment collections.

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