Keystage 02 Workshop

1h - 1h 15m

SCIENCE: Animals and their habitats
Year 3 and 4
Amazing Animals!
Come and meet the family! Explore our Natural History collections and compare the structure of a variety of reptiles, birds and mammals, their diet and the way they move. Using real specimens and observing them first-hand, this session is not to be missed.

HISTORY: Chronological Understanding
Year 3 and 4
Archaeological Detectives
Explore the archaeology collections on display in Hertford Museum and take part in a ‘blanket dig’ to uncover the layers of time!

HISTORY: From Stone Age to Iron Age
Year 3 and 4
Meet the Ancestors — a prehistoric family
Discover the ordinary lives of local prehistoric people who lived and worked on Foxholes Farm thousands of years ago. Handle real and replica items and take part in activities to explore prehistoric family life.

HISTORY: The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain
Year 3 and 4
Roman Foxholes
Discover the everyday lives of local Romans living at Foxholes Farm. Handle archaeological finds and explore the impact of the Roman invasion. If you book this session at the museum, pupils will visit our very own captive Corn Dryer!

HISTORY: The Achievements of Early Civilizations
Year 3 and 4
Ancient Egypt: A Journey to the Afterlife
Discover what the Ancient Egyptians believe about the afterlife, take part in a funeral procession and race against the clock to prepare your own mummy with our Egyptian rag doll mummy!

Year 3 and 4
Fossils Rock!
Find out about different kinds of rocks, how fossils are made and handle 150 million year old specimens. This hands-on session encourages pupils to look and touch and is full of fun and games.

HISTORY: A Local History Study: First World War
Year 5 and 6
Hertford’s Hero
Learn about Corporal Alfred Burt, a local man who was awarded the Victoria Cross during the First World War. Using costume, objects and documents, the session gives a sense of the local impact of a world conflict.

HISTORY: A Local History Study: Second World War
Year 5 and 6
Hertford’s Home Front
Explore ordinary life in Hertford during the Second World War, with real and replica objects, documents and photographs.

HISTORY: A Local History Study: Hertford
Year 5 and 6
Hertford Town Tour
Explore this gem of a town with a walking tour. There’s more to it than you think! This tour covers 1,000 years of history from Anglo-Saxon times to the present day. It is designed to help your class trace how aspects of national history are reflected in the locality.

SCIENCE: Evolution and Inheritance
Year 5 and 6
Who was Wallace?
Alfred Russel Wallace was a Victorian pioneer, naturalist and explorer. Become an explorer for the day and discover the man, his theories and adventures. Identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaption may lead to evolution.

GEOGRAPHY/ HISTORY/ SCIENCE: Human and Physical Geography / Local History Study / Living Things and Their Habitats
Year 3-6
River Town
Our newest workshop covers aspects of a wide range of curriculum areas. We begin with a history of Hertford as influenced by its rivers. Using maps covering a 350 year period we explore how the trade in grain brought wealth and prosperity to the town leading to an increase in population and development.

In the second part of the workshop, we head out on foot for a walking tour to explore Hertford’s rivers as they are now; a rich source of leisure pursuits and a precious haven for wildlife.

FREE Self-guided tour
Children can explore the Museum galleries to see the artefacts (…) You are welcome to download and copy our activity sheets.

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