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Alphabetical list of transcripts

Oral History


The opinions expressed in these transcripts are these of the named interviewee and do not reflect the views of the Oral History Group or those of The Trustees of Hertford Museum. These transcripts have been recorded by the Oral History group and transcribed by volunteers.

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Andrews, Giles (O2011.9)

Ansell, Daisy (O 2000.6)

Bagenal, John (O 2002.8)

Beaton, Maggie (O 2001.2)

Bedington, Kay (O1999.29)

Bedington, Mary (O1999.29)

Bentley, Alec (O1993.3)

Bentley, Peggy (O1993.3)

Bird, Eileen (O1991.5)

Blake, Thora (O1990.1)

Blake, Thora (O1991.2)

Blake, Thora (O1991.5)

Blake, Thora (O1995.3)

Blakes, Glynis (O1996.22)

Bone, Leslie (O1996.6)

Bone, Mary (O1999.6)

Boughey, Emmelie (O1995.6)

Brace, Bet (O1994.15)

Bunyan, John (O1990.1)

Burgess, Jone (O1993.10)

Burgess, Mollie (O1993.10)

Camp, Betty (O2003.3)

Camp, Daphne (O2003.3)

Chapman, Albert (O 2002.20)

Chappell, Frank (O1994.12)

Chittenden, Percy (O1995.14)

Clare, Don (O 1991.1)

Clark, Muriel (O1999.7)

Cole, Valerie (O 2005.6)

Cook, Ellen (O2013.5)

Cooper, John (O 2009.4)

Crane, Agnes (O 2002.1)

Crane, Rosie (O1994.7)

Crocker, Katie (O1996.8)

Darton, Dick (O1994.20)

Darton, Fred (O1991.5)

Dennis, May (O1995.1)

Ditton, Maisie (O1994.4)

Ditton, Maissie (O1995.3)

Doyle, Jack (O1991.2)

Dyball, Frank (O 2001.19)

Dye, Lydia (O1991.2)

Dye, Lydia (O1991.5)

Dye, Lydia (O1994.30)

Dye, Reg (O1995.3)

Flunder, George (O2002.2)

Fountain, Peter (O1999.3)

GGarratt, Betty (O1993.13)

Geall, Don (O 1998 .15)

Geeves, Albert (O1994.6)

Geeves, Ivy (O1994.6)

Geradine, POP (George) (O1992.7)

Geradine, William George (O1993.1)

Gibbins, Flo (O1994.7)

Gladwin, Revd Tom (O2003.22)

Graves, Linda (O1998.5)

Green, Len (O1995.3)

Green, Len (O1995.7)

Green, Len (O1995.8)

Green, Len - Hertford buildings

Green, Len - (O1994.18)

Griggs, Percy (O1998.5)

Halfhide, Edward (O1994.27)

Harding, Bob (O1994.24)

Harding, Joyce (O1994.24)

Hart, Geoffrey James (O1994.1)

Hart, John (O2000.11)

Henry, Mrs. Ruby ( O1993.3)

Henry, Ruby (O1994.10)

Hickman, Percy (O 2002.7)

Hitch, Richard (O1993.8)

Hitch, Susan (O1993.8)

Hockley, Elsie (O1994.16)

Hockley, George (O1994.16)

Hopkins, Jessie (O2013.14)

Horlock, Guy (O 2011.5)

Hunt, David (O 2012.2)

Hunt, Susie (O 2012.3)

IInman, Annie (O 1991.3)

Inman, Annie (O1992.3)

Joan (O2014.5)

John, Henry (O1994.11)

John, Joy (O1994.11)

John, Joy (O2004.4)

Johnson, Bruce (O 1994.12)

Kelly, Bridget (Pat) (O2001.5)

Kemm, Bill (O 2003.18)

Kemp, John (O 2003.1)

Kerr, Malcolm (O1996.8)

Kirby, Ann (O 2011.6)

Kirby, David (O 2002.28)

Lacey, Sister (O1990.1)

Lambert, George (O2002.2)

Lambert, Pam (Mollie) (O 2002.

Law, Grace (O 1993.12)

Lawrence, William (Bill) (O1992.8)

Long, Ruth (O1995.4)

Long, Vera (O1991.2)

Lord, Jean (O 2011.2)

Martin, Mary (O1993.14)

Mason, Mary (O1995.12)

Matcham, Anthea (O 2001.20)

Maynard, Ama (O1993.8)

Mead, Albert (O1992.2)

Mear, Sylvia (O1992.2)

Melville, Peggy (O 1997.7)

Miles, Violet (O1994.3)

Mills, Harold (O1991.5)

Mills, Harold (O1995.9)

Mills, Jill (O1999.7)

Morris, Jim (O1991.2)

Morris, Jim (O1991.4)

Morris, Jim (O1994.5)

Mortis, Dr. Reginald (O1990.1)

Muir, Eileen (O 2001.11)

Munns, Herbert (O1993.5)

Murkin, Charles (O2002.18)

Neal, Joan (O1991.5)

Nellthorpe (Phyllis) O2002.18

Norris, Joan (O1998.10)

North, Cliff (O1994.13)

O'Smotherly, Evelyn (O1996.6)

O'Smotherly, Jim (O1994.14)

O'Smotherly, Jim (O2002.18)

O'Smotherly, Jim - Memories of Eric Heffer (O1992.02)

O'Smotherly, Reg (O1996.6)

Ollis, Mary (O1999.29)

Ollis, Mary (O2002.18)

Osborne, Ivy (O1994.26)

Paddick, Doris (O1995.19)

Pamphilon, Joan (O1990.1)

Parcell, Ellen (O 1999.9)

Pateman, Gladys (O1994.25)

Paulin, Lorna (O2000.14)

Pegg, Dora (T1993.23)

Poole, David (O 2000.10)

Pride, Len (O1995.11)

Prior, Angela (O2013.6)

Purkis, Reg (O 1996.13)

Purkis, Reg (O1995.17)

Quarry, Chris (O 2003.3)

Quarry, Chris (O1991.2)

Quince, Ellen (O 1996.33)

Quince, Joe (O1996.33)

Ramsey, Ivy (O1996.15)

Roche, Eddie (O 2002.17)

Rollins, Olaf Howard (O1992.4)

Ruffles, Peter (O1994.3)

Ruffles, Peter (O1992.2)

Sell, Ethel (O 1996.30)

Sewell, Betty (O 2011.4)

Shambrook, Phylis (O1991.5)

Slight, Florence (O1996.7)

Smith, Kathleen (O1993.5)

Stanbridge, Mike (O 2010.2)

Stocks, Clara (O1995.3)

Suckling, Mrs. Hazel (O2004.11)

Sullivan, Les (O1996.37)

Sullivan, Rose (O1996.37)

Swallow, Rosemary (O1995.16)

Tancock, Kathleen (O1993.8)

Thomas, Frederick William "Nanna" (O1995.5)

Titmarsh, Win (O 2000.2)

Turnbull, Mrs Anne (O1993.4)

Turner, John Albert (O1995.13)

Turner, Olive (O1995.13)

Warner, Molly (O1992.1)

Watkins, Ivan (O 1997.4)

Watkins, Ivan (O 1999.30)

Welch, Elizabeth Ann (O2003.24)

Wilkerson, Rose (O 1996.28)

Williams, Jessie (O1999.12)

Wingate, Doreen (O1994.22)

Wingate, Michael (O1994.22)

Wisbey, Cyril (O1994.24)

Wisbey, Cyril (O1995.15)

Wisbey, Hilda (O1994.24)

Wisbey, Hilda (O1995.15)

Woodcock, Iris (O 2003.7)

Worrin, Peggy (O2003.24)

Wright, Ronald (O1997.6)

The table below lists the names of the people who have had a recording transcribed by the Oral History Group. You can access the transcripts following the link:

Oral History Group Transcripts

The  original archives are stored at Hertford Museum and can be accessed on request.