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Object of the week: Short Eared Owl (by Bickerton)

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

Our new exhibition, Mr Bickerton and His Birds, is now open and so today’s Object of the Week had to be one of his fabulous photographs. Assistant Curator Sarah has chosen his Short Eared Owl as she explains below.

Short Eared Owl and Young- William Bickerton

Short Eared Owl and Young- William Bickerton

Looking at the incredible detail in Bickerton’s photographs it’s hard to remember that he was working a century ago with large cameras and glass slides. This picture in particular is so lifelike and vivid as the owl glares back at Bickerton.

The exhibition is open until the 28th March and will be followed by a short exhibition of all the entries to our Inspired by Bickerton photography competition so make sure you get snapping! There are prizes for the best picture in the three age groups- 9 and under, 10-16 and Adults so all the family can get involved!

This week’s events:

It’s Stay and Play Saturday this weekend, drop in to play with traditional wooden toys, make something crafty and read a book all for FREE!

It’s almost Half Term and you can take a look at all our activities on our new flyer

You can buy prints of ALL the photographs in our Bickerton exhibition from the museum shop as well as notecards of our favourite images.

Christmas (& New Year) fun at the museum!

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

It’s almost Christmas but there’s still plenty happening at the museum! This Friday is the last Country Market of 2014 so visit the museum to pick up some tasty treats as well as plenty of stocking filler gifts from our shop!


Then on Tuesday 23rd December we have a special day of Handmade Christmas crafts. Drop in between 10.30 – 3.30 for a chance to make some sparkly crafts including a very special decoration! It’s just £1.50 per child and a great way to break up your Christmas shopping!


We will be open on Christmas Eve until 2pm and then closed for the holidays! We reopen on the 2nd January with two days of Stay & Play for free!

Toddlers Nov 2011 Ice Age Creatures 001
Of course it doesn’t stop there, we have all sorts of exciting things planned for 2015 including an exhibition of photography by celebrated ornithologist William Bickerton, a chance for you to have your own nature photographs or artwork displayed in the museum, an exhibition all about Watton-at-Stone (so if you leave in the village we’ll be looking for photographs and objects soon) as well as exhibitions looking at all kinds of music in Hertford and, at the end of 2015, Hertford at War looking at some very special local stories and anniversaries as part of the First World War centenary commemorations.


Autumn sunshine

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

It looks like autumn is really here, there’s a chill in the air and we’re starting to see drifts of leaves come in with our visitors! However there’s still one last Teas in the Garden this Saturday and it’s lovely and warm in the knot garden when it’s sunny (and if it isn’t sunny there’s space inside!)


Alongside the autumn visitors in our garden there are some wonderful woodland creatures in our shop at the moment!


Not to mention the one’s on display in Hertford and Beyond.

HAB 19 Red Deer Paris House

So there’s plenty to see and do at the museum! And we’re keeping busy behind the scenes too, we’ve raised enough money to start work on the orrery so it’s currently in pieces under the care of our wonderful conservator Francis.


Wallace Talk & Book Sale

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

If you’ve somehow missed all of our posters & tweets & facebook posts & press releases about this evening’s World of Wallace event at Hertford Theatre then here are the details again:

What?‘The World of Wallace’- An evening of illustrated talks on Alfred Russel Wallace with Errol Fuller and Dr Sandra Knapp
Where? Hertford Theatre
When?Wednesday 15th January 2014, 7.30 pm
How much? £10. No concessions.Tickets available on the door.

Portrait of Alfred Russel Wallace with a Bird of Paradise specimen

And that’s the last time we’ll plug it (I promise!) We’re just getting together some merchandise we’ll be selling this evening and waiting for our two speakers to arrive now and then it’s show time!


If you’re not coming along tonight then there’s still plenty happening at the museum! Our January Newsletter is available to download from our website or you can pick up a copy if you’re passing and there are events for everyone over the next few months from toddlers to those who remember the 1970s and from walkers to those who enjoy knitting and nattering!


This Saturday, 18th January we’re holding another Book Sale where you can pick up a book from our pre-loved selection and help support your museum at the same time! It runs from 10.00am – 4.00pm and when you’ve looked at all our secondhand books make sure you take a look around our shop as well because (as of today) we have a new edition of Alfred Russel Wallace: His Life and Work on offer for just £3!

Wallace Enlarged A4 Cover_Page_1

One more week till Christmas!

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

There are only seven sleeps till Christmas but there’s still plenty to see and do (and buy!) at Hertford Museum.

Our World of Wallace exhibition is still open and the perfect place to escape to if all the Christmas planning is getting to be too much and it’s also a great time to have a look around our permanent galleries but if you can’t think of anything but Christmas then we’ve got lots of present ideas for everyone!


We’ve got beautiful minerals, a wonderful print of Hertford drawn by David Kirby (and just in this week we’ve also got cards with the same design- perfect for thank you notes!), stocking filler gifts, Christmas cards and not forgetting all our wonderful World of Wallace merchandise from mugs and bags to our brilliant “Where’s Wallace” poster (as a poster or a colouring sheet!)


There is one more chance to do some shopping at the Country Market this Friday and, by popular demand, the Craft & Curio Fair is squeezing in one more fair this Saturday!


After that we’re closed for Christmas and we reopen on the 2nd January with three days of Stay & Play for free! Make sure your signed up to our eNewsletter (you can sign up on our website) because we’ll be sending out lots of information about January’s events over the Christmas break!

And finally we’d like to leave you with a special Christmas video, just click on the picture below:

(or just click here!)

Countdown to World of Wallace

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Our World of Wallace exhibition opens in just 10 days time so we’re all very busy at the moment making sure that everything is ready in time! For this week’s blog we thought we’d give you an idea of all of the different things that need to come together when we put on an exhibition.

Firstly after months of research we’ve written all of the text panels and our wonderful designer, Nigel at M Star Graphics, has put the text and images together and now we’re just waiting for the finished panels from the printer.

Portrait of Alfred Russel Wallace with a Bird of Paradise specimen

Portrait of Alfred Russel Wallace with a Bird of Paradise specimen.

We’re using a lot of natural history objects from our collection for this exhibition and so we’ve had teams of volunteers cleaning some of them whilst the more fragile specimens have gone away to be looked after by professional conservators and the final few objects are being returned this week.

Conservator Juliane Ovenden working on some of our Natural History collection.

Conservator Juliane Ovenden working on some of our Natural History collection.

It’s not just our own objects in this exhibition though, we’re receiving loans from the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, the Natural History Museum, the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, the Museum of the History of Science, the Royal Entomological Society and the University of Cambridge Museum of Zoology! All of these loans have to be collected, brought back to the museum and carefully checked to make sure we know what condition they are in.

One of the loans from the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew- a plant specimen collected by Alfred Russel Wallace himself.

One of the loans from the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew- a plant specimen collected by Alfred Russel Wallace himself.

In the exhibition there will also be some fantastic interactive elements for our younger visitors and these have had to be designed, artwork drawn for them, instructions written and they should be arriving at the museum any day now.

Some pieces from our "Design your own Bird of Paradise" interactive drawn for us by Joanna Scott.

Some pieces from our “Design your own Bird of Paradise” interactive drawn for us by Joanna Scott.

Then alongside all of that we have to plan for our preview (if you want to come to a museum preview you need to join the Friends or Patrons!), organise all of the events running alongside the exhibition (like Spirit of the Wild on Saturday 26th October and our Half Term Big Draw activities!), there’s special Wallace themed merchandise to design and order (we can be a one stop shop for all your Christmas presents this year!) and after all of that we’re also launching two new Schools’ Workshops which will be available during and after the exhibition.

A Rhinoceros Hornbill drawn by Alfred Russel Wallace. This is one of the images we're using on our World of Wallace mugs!

A Rhinoceros Hornbill drawn by Alfred Russel Wallace. This is one of the images we’re using on our World of Wallace mugs!

If you like hearing about what goes on behind the scenes at the museum make sure you’ve check out our World of Wallace videos and subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss any future videos!

Two Giants of Guildhall and A Dun Cow (new posters in our shop!)

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Today’s blog is going to come in two parts- part one about some wonderful posters you can now get in our shop and part two is a World of Wallace update!

Two new posters

From today you can buy large copies of two fantastic posters from our collections. These posters were both designed as satirical takes on elections in the 19th century but they’re great fun even if you don’t know the politicians they were referring to.

HETFM4434.66 A Dun CowHETFM4434.174 Gog & Magog
A Dun Cow
This poster was designed for the 1826 parliamentary election. It is attacking Thomas Slingsby Duncombe (the Dun Cow) in support of Henry Lytton Bulwer (the Bull)

Two Giants of Guildhall

This is from the (uncontested) parliamentary election in 1802. The two giants, Gog & Magog, represent Hertford’s two parliamentary members Nicolson Calvert & Edward Spencer Cowper.

The posters can be ordered from our shop in person or by emailing us. The come in two sizes and can be printed in colour or black & white.

A2 – colour £15 or black and white £10
A3 – colour £6 or black and white £5

World of Wallace

Watercolour painting of an orchid from Sadong, Sarawak, Borneo, by A. R. Wallace. Copyright The A. R. Wallace Memorial Fund.

Watercolour painting of an orchid from Sadong, Sarawak, Borneo, by A. R. Wallace. Copyright The A. R. Wallace Memorial Fund.

In case you haven’t seen already there is now a World of Wallace tab on our website and from there you can navigate to pages about the exhibition, our events, the schools programme, where to find more information about Wallace online and also a special “Behind the Scenes” page. The first of our Behind the Scenes videos went live on our YouTube channel on Friday so make sure you check it out and subscribe to be notified when the next one goes up.

We’re working hard on finalising the text for our exhibition panels at the moment and discovering some great stories from Alfred Russel Wallace’s life alongside the important discoveries he made and the animals he collected. One of my favourites so far is his reaction to an earthquake soon after he arrived on the island of Ternate (as described in his book The Malay Archipelago.

I had just awoke at gun-fire (5 A.M.), when suddenly the thatch began to rustle and shake as if an army of cats were galloping over it, and immediately afterwards my bed shook too […] I said to myself “Why, it’s an earthquake,” and lay still in the pleasing expectation of another shock; but none came, and this was the only earthquake I ever felt in Ternate.

Make sure you’ve got all our World of Wallace events in your diary and follow us on twitter, facebook, youtube and/or here on the blog for all the latest Wallace updates!