Object of the week: Saxon Disc Brooch (Watton at Stone)

Although our Watton at Stone exhibition closes this weekend this beautiful 7th century Saxon disc brooch is on permanent display in our Timeline case (upstairs and turn left!).

Watton brooch

It was found by a metal detectorist prior to the construction of the Watton bypass, as Tony Rook remembers:

I said to him, where was it he found it and he said “Oh it was over there somewhere”, waving in the direction of the farm, so we’ve no idea where he actually found it and I said, “Well why didn’t you mark it?” And he said, “Well I didn’t think you were interested, I thought you were only interested in coins!” So that’s a bit frustrating there.

This week’s events

High Streets & Hedgerows: Watton at Stone his weekend so if you haven’t visited it yet (or want to come again!) make sure you drop in by the 27th June. Thank you to all the residents of Watton at Stone who helped us pull the exhibition together and all those who have come in to see it already!

Check out our What’s On page or our updated newsletter for details of LOTS of special events coming up in the next few months from evening talks to family activities and including LOTS of music! There are still more details to come too so keep following us on social media and sign up to our mailing list for latest infomation!

Do you know any musicians, bands or other small music groups who might like a chance to perform at the museum? This summer we’re running a programme of short 30 minutes Gallery Sounds on Saturday afternoons and we’re looking for some more musicians to take part. Drop us an email at hertfordmuseum@btconnect.com for more details (all musical styles are welcome but we’re looking for small, acoustic groups to fit in our gallery!)

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