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Souvenirs of summer and getting ready for a new term

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

This is the last of our Six Weeks of Summer Fun and the last week of our Souvenirs Exhibition as well so we thought it would be a good chance to share some memories with you!

Week one- Metropolitan Madness
To celebrate the Festival of British Archaeology, visitors made platters and clay pots in this unique 17th century yellow and brown pattern from the Harlow area.

Animal Magic Mobile Petting Zoo

We had a great time on Saturday 28th July welcoming Animal Magic and all their fabulous animals to Hertford Museum to kick off our summer programme of family events!

Week two- Animal Crackers

This week we made monkey pen pots and jungle collages, inspired by the animals on show in our Natural History display.

Week three- Fossil Frenzy

In our busiest week of the summer holidays, 180 children made their own fossils by painting pebbles.

Visitors also created fossil collages and could even play in our sand pits; complete with dinosaur sand moulds!

Week four- Explore the World in a Day

Believe it or not, Hertford Museum has a lot of things in it’s collection that come from places very far away, such as Japan, Africa, and even Australia!

This week, we made Samurai masks, musical instruments and completed quizzes to celebrate this collection.

Week five- Super Sleuths

Hertford Museum needed lots of help cracking the codes on our Super Sleuth week.

With coded alphabet jumbles to unscramble, ‘I-Spy’ games to crack, and magic magnifying glasses and spy books to made, visitors were very busy spies indeed!

Week six- Summer Souvenirs

To celebrate the last week of our souvenirs exhibition, visitors made badges and home made postcards to commemorate their summer memories. Connected activities were held at Courtyard Arts too!

What was the best bit of your summer?

And now summer is nearly over we’re getting ready for autumn there are lots of new things to look forward to such as new Toddler Tuesdays dates, another Stores Open Day (8th September), A Brief History of Food and Drink (our contribution to the Hertford Food & Drink Festival on the 13th October) and then it’s time for October Half Term!

Please pick up a newsletter at reception or download a copy from our website for further details

Hertford Music Festival & the Musical Mystery Tour

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

It’s the 18th Hertford Music Festival this year and there’s plenty of music to choose from in venues all across Hertford! Some of our staff enjoyed Rock at the Castle on the 5th of August and we hope you all did too!

Hertford Museum is taking part once again in the town wide Musical Mystery Tour on Sunday 26th August

We will be open from 2.00 – 4.00 pm with live acoustic music from Texarse Blues and Chris Woods.

Face painter Jean Hewitt will also be here, for those of you that would like to get in the festival spirit!

Come along and enjoy the music with a glass of ‘Pimms’ in the sunshine.

If any of you take any photographs or collect any programmes on Sunday – do drop us a line! We’re always looking for things to add to our collection!

For further details of other venues and artists, log onto:

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, have fun!

Exploring the World at Hertford Museum

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

We’re halfway through the Summer Holidays now and on Week 4 of our activities! This week we’ve been exploring the world using some of the collections in the museum.

In the Andrews Room we’ve been making some amazing instruments based on some of the ones in our Where In The World case- here are a few pictures in case you haven’t made it down to the museum this week!

This rattle is from Central Africa and it's made from a gourd (a type of plant). It's been decorated with small incesions (or cuts)

This is another instrument from Central Africa made using a gourd but this time it has strings.

And here is a different kind of rattle, made in the Congo.

Have you found any interesting musical instruments on your travels this year? Let us know on facebook or twitter! We’re also still collecting holiday memories on the map in our Souvenirs exhibition so remember to fill in a post-it note and put it in place next time you visit!

Summer Fun with Hertford Museum Volunteers

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Now that the summer holidays are here everything’s got very busy at Hertford Museum. (So busy we even missed a blog entry last week- sorry about that!)

With everything that’s going on we’d never be able to manage if it weren’t for our wonderful team of family activity volunteers so we thought this week we’d let a couple of them tell you why they volunteer!

Concentrating hard on making a Money Pencil Pot...


I enjoy watching the children working with their parents and, frequently, grandparents. It is interesting to see how different age groups tackle the various activities in different ways. There are some lateral thinkers out there!
Meeting the people of Hertford is a real pleasure.

Creating beautiful Animal Collages using special animal print tissue paper!


I really love working with young children – they are so full of enthusiasm and all the children that I meet at the museum activity sessions are so interesting to talk to AND SO POLITE!

It reminds me of when my son was around 5 years old – and was obsessed by the Roman army. He made ‘Lorica segmentata’ (Roman armour – I think it’s something like that!) out of cardboard and string, every day, after a visit to Verulamium. We took him to Rome to capitalise on this enthusiasm and he is now studying archaeology and anthropology at University.


I enjoy meeting new people and I like helping the youngsters with their particular craft and enjoy chatting with them. I enjoy helping at the Museum as it’s a fun place to be and the exhibitions are always so cleverly displayed. I hope to be a volunteer for a long time to come.

Emma (pictured below)

I love volunteering at the museum because its really fun doing the creative activities and I love chatting to the kids and parents.

Two more of our fabulous volunteers- Emma and Gillian!

Why not come along to the museum this summer and meet some of our volunteers and have a go at some brilliant activities (Fossil Frenzy this week and we’re Exploring the World in a Day next week!)