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Keepsakes, Key rings & Kiss Me Quick- an appeal!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

This summer we’re celebrating all kinds of souvenirs in our exhibition Keepsakes, Key rings & Kiss Me Quick.

It will be opening the weekend of the Diamond Jubilee and we’ve been overwhelmed by the response to our request for Royal Souvenirs so now we’re asking you to think about some other kinds of souvenirs.

We’d really like to have some objects in our exhibition that are souvenirs of special events, times or people in your lives like a cinema ticket or receipt from a first date. Sara our curator has brought in her children’s hospital wrist tags from the days they were born and Eleanor is lending us a pair of Take That pants bought during their reunion tour in 2006 so anything that’s a personal souvenir to you could be in our exhibition!

We’d also like any souvenirs of wartime, 1970s foreign holidays and the British seaside.

Of course we will take the utmost care of everyone’s treasured possessions and the exhibition runs from the 2nd June to the 1st September.

Please get in touch if you think you can help us!

There’s always something new to see…

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

We love seeing familiar faces visiting the museum and so we try to make sure that whenver you visit there will be something new to see or do.

Our Hertingfordbury exhibition will be closing soon and we’re gong to have an exhibition of paintings by local artist Lionel Horsnell and of course there are always our events and children’s activities but if you look carefully you’ll see that there are other new objects and displays to find as well.

With the closure of the old Hertford Library building we were given the library clock to add to our collection and we’ve found a space for it upstairs in our galleries. There’s lots of information about its maker and its life at the library and its still ticking away if you want to come and visit it!

We’ve also recently added a framed picture of the Panshanger Oak to our stairwell- a lasting legacy from our Hertingfordbury exhibition.

Those are both permanent additions to our galleries there is also a new display in the small case behind our Reception.

One of our volunteers, Ben, came to us after studying for an MA in Classical Art and Archaeology from King’s College London and he has chosen some special objects from our collection for a display on antiquities. There are Greek, Roman & Egyptian objects on display so come take a look!

Waitrose Community Matters & the Hertford Carnival

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

If any of you have been into the Hertford branch of Waitrose in the last week you may have noticed that Hertford Museum is one of the three charities in their Community Matters scheme this month.

Each month Waitrose have £1000 to give away and they split it between three charities but how much we each get depends on how many green tokens shoppers put into our box so PLEASE collect your token at the till and add it to our box.

Any money we are given by Waitrose will be going towards our Carnival float for this year’s Hertford Carnival in June. We’ve got big plans to decorate our float- we’re hoping to make giant models of some of the objects from our collection- like our Samurai and maybe an ENORMOUS toothbrush.

But we won’t be making them alone- we’re working with lots of local schools who will each take on a different model. The schools taking part are:

  • Bengeo Primary School

  • Hollybush Primary School
  • Richard Hale School
  • The Sele School
  • Morgans Primary School
  • Hertford Heath School
  • Hertford Selections Children’s Centre

So your Waitrose token in our box will help all of those schools as well as us AND you’ll be able to enjoy wha we create at the the Hertford Carnival on Sunday 24th June 2012

Underwater adventures!

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

We hope you’re all enjoying the Easter Holidays so far? Here at the museum we’ve been overrun with underwater creatures! There are octupuses and starfish in the Andrews Room and an ichthyosaur (an underwater dinosaur) in our window!

We’ve got sea and water based activities on this week and next on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 10:30am- 3:30pm. It’s only £1.50 per child and you can make all sorts of exciting things.

To add to the Easter excitement this Saturday sees the return of Afternoon Tea at the Museum. Tea & cake are served from 11am- 4pm every Saturday and this year we’re going to have fresh coffee as well! If it’s sunny you can enjoy a cup of tea in our lovely garden and if it’s raining (or snowing!) there’s plenty of space inside.

And as if that wasn’t enough our Museum & RNLI Trail also started at the weekend so the sea and coastline are popping up all over Hertford! We’ve already had some answer sheets back so make sure you come in and buy yours (£1 for a family trail or an adult one). So far we’ve mostly had answers back from the children so it’s time for the grown ups to catch up!